Razer Mako THX Speaker System

Razer Mako THX Speaker System

Sound quality is a must even for avid gamers. Enjoying a favorite video game on the PC is even made more exciting if good audio becomes part of the experience aside from the actual gameplay. That is why sound systems like the Razer Mako still captures a high amount of interest among serious gamers.

The Razer Mako is a 2.1 bi- amplified multimedia speaker system, the first desktop PC speaker to incorporate THX technology as part of its features. This technology makes use of downward-firing design speakers that also eliminate distortion caused by the desk bounce effect as experienced by using normal speaker systems.

The Razer Mako also features a ClassHD Digital Amplifier Technology that intelligently manage the power usage of the amplifier for better power efficiency. The bi-amplified satellite 50W speakers feature DSP control to provide excellent audio quality comparable to standards used in recording studios. For quite an exceptional sound system for your PC, the Razer Mako may take you aback quite a bit for its price of US$300. But for the sound quality that it provides, it certainly is worth it. It is available at the Razer Zone site if you wish to check it out.

Image Source: Razer Zone

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