Razer Ferox Mobile Speakers Provide 360-Degree Sound

Finding a good pair of mobile speakers is not easy. First, you have to make sure that the speakers run on batteries and do not need a power plug because there is a tinychance you would find a power outlet outdoors. These speakers should also be small enough that can be fitted in a bag.

Razer has found a way to solve this dilemma with its new Ferox sound system. Not only its size is just right to be put in a bag (not too big, not too crazily tiny) and its rechargeable batteries, but these egg-shaped speakers can be opened at the top to provide a 360-degree sound experience. This feature makes it easy for the sound to fill up a small room, but we do not think it is advisable to use it for, say, an outdoor aerobics class unless you place the speakers right at the center of the group.

The Razer Ferox mobile speakers are now available on its website for US$59.99, with same day shipping if you ordered before 11 a.m. and presumably you live in the United States.

Source: CrunchGear

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