Razer Blade Gaming Laptop Is World’s “Thinnest”

Electronics company Razer has unveiled its first 14-inch gaming laptop, along with an updated version of its popular 17-inch Razer Blade, now called Razer Blade Pro. The 14-inch Razer Blade (pictured) is touted as the “world’s thinnest gaming laptop” at 0.66 inch, making it about half as thick as the 14-inch Alienware M14X gaming laptop. In fact, it is “impossibly thin,” it is actually thinner than a dime when placed upright.

During a recent press event in San Francisco, Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan said that they were able to pack high-performance parts into such a thin design by redesigning the Razer Blade’s thermals and platform architecture from scratch. He added that they used “bespoke components,” enabling them to “pack more performance-per-cubic inch than any other laptop in the world.”

The new Razer Blade and Razer Blade Pro feature a new Haswell-generation Intel CPU, NVIDIA GeForce GTX765M GPU, and full solid state drives that come in 128GB by default, as well as options for 256GB and 512GB. The usage of SSDs is a departure from Razer’s hybrid storage solution it used in previous laptops. Both the 14-inch and 17-inch laptops also sport Qualcomm’s “Killer” WiFi chipset to amp up the “gaming quality connectivity.”

The 14-incher comes with a 14.3-inch LED-backlit full HD screen with 1600 x 900 resolution, while the Razer Blade Pro has a 17.3-inch LED-backlit full HD display with 1920 x 1040 resolution. Like its predecessor, the Razer Blade Pro contains the company’s propriety Switchblade User Interface, which can be accessed through the laptop’s mini-touchscreen and 10 dynamic tactile keys placed near the keyboard.

The 14-inch Razer Blade gaming laptop is priced for at least $1,799, while the Razer Blade Pro will be available for $2,299, a $200 markdown from its award-winning predecessor. Both gaming laptops will be available for pre-order beginning June 3, with shipping expected to arrive two weeks later.

Source: Razer, via PC Magazine

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