Razer Aurantia Gaming Keyboard for China

razer aurantia gaming keyboard

Razer is renowned as the creator of some of the best gaming peripherals for PCs. The California-based company is famous for revolutionizing the computer game industry by creating cutting-edge gaming peripherals that give gamers competitive edge. Razer is also known for its gaming keyboards Tarantula and Lycosa, with their blue backlights.

Razer will be releasing its latest gaming keyboard called the Razer Aurantia. Though it still bears an arachnid’s name, it is not destined to go down its predecessors’ path. For one, it’s not going stateside like the other famous Razer gaming keyboards. This one’s East-bound – it will be available only in China. For another, it has red backlighting – which is very appropriate where it’s headed.

The Aurantia is reported to be ultra-portable. It’s dimensions are 446 x 205 x 29 mm or 17.56 x 8.07 x 1.14 inches with the removable wrist rest attached.

Razer Aurantia Features

  • can record macros
  • store 10 game profiles on-board
  • can disable Windows key for gaming

It’s not hard to see why there’s a possibility that the Aurantia will one day turn up in the U.S. considering the keys are in English.The Aurantia will be available in China in mid-July packaged with a Razer Salmosa mouse for RMB 399.

Image source:http://www.vr-zone.com/articles/Razer_Aurantia%99_Keyboard_For_China_Gamers/5918.html

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