Raven’s Hills iOS Game App

When it comes to game apps, many people are attracted to certain game titles due to various factors. Some may find the graphics in some games great while others like the engaging game play that they offer. And still some like the use of the device’s 3D features as part of the game. The Raven’s Hills iOS game app seems to have all these features and more.

The Raven’s Hills iOS game app is a tower defense game that has become quite so popular nowadays. But in the case of the Raven’s Hills game app, game features include the integration of the 3D maps function, which allows users to move about and explore the displayed maps in a number of ways. But the main objective of this medieval age inspired game is to protect what was left of the destroyed or damaged castle and try to build it up.

Players also need to protect the castle as the enemies can mount an attack at any time with their battering rams, catapults and siege weapons. The 3D environment makes gameplay more interesting along with the uneven terrain. Skills and spells can be used to effectively defend the towers. The towers can also be upgraded in order to make them last longer against enemy attacks. There are 10 different enemies and big bosses that players need to defend from as well as 20 different levels to defeat them. The Raven’s Hills iOS game app is available at the App Store for free download.

Image Source: App Store

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