Ratoc Wireless USB Kit

Ratoc Wireless USB Kit

If getting portable and mobile has been the popular thing nowadays, going wireless might just be the next "in" thing. And in the world of USB peripherals, the Ratoc wireless USB hub may be of good use. Used for your laptop, this wireless USB hub may be the solution that you’re looking for when you have problems with having too many USB peripherals being connected directly into your laptop. Truly, it can sometimes be quite inconvenient.

With the Ratoc REX-WUSB1 Wireless USB kit, you now have a means to avoid having to connect your USB peripherals into your laptop. This gadget makes use of ultrawide band (UWB) technology to connect the USB hub into your laptop by means of PC card equipped a UWB antenna. The other half of the kit is a four port USB hub from where users can connect the USB peripherals that in turn connects wirelessly to your laptop via the kit’s PC card.

In a sense, the Ratoc REX-WUSB1 Wireless USB kit may provide a certain convenience in that it can help do away with connecting various USB peripherals such as flash drives and other USB what-not directly into your laptop.  And because it is wireless, the hub can be placed a distance away and still be connected into your laptop.

Quite a convenience, you would say. But then again, the kit makes use of a bulky PC card that you connect into your laptop directly. With the antenna and all, it might just offer the same problem of inconvenience that you have wanted to get rid of in the first place.

Well anyway, this kit has yet to be available in the West since initial release would only be expected in Japan. The price would be in the range of 340 to 350 in US dollars. Would the price be worth the convenience it provides? You decide.

Image Source: Ratoc Systems Japan

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