Rapoo E6700 Bluetooth Touchpad Keyboard

Rapoo E6700 Bluetooth Touchpad KeyboardNow that most people make use of portable devices to get connected rather than desktops or even laptops, there are some things that they just need to sacrifice. Portable devices such as tablets or do not allow you the ability to types fast. The keys are just too small and cramped to sometimes even allow you to type with both hands. A portable keyboard will always be your best bet for times when you need one. The Rapoo E6700 Bluetooth Touchpad Keyboard offers just the right option for you.

The Rapoo E6700 Bluetooth Touchpad Keyboard is a wireless keyboard that provides you the convenience of using a full QWERTY keyboard whenever you need it. This keyboard can connect to devices wirelessly via Bluetooth. There is no need to deal with messy wires using the Rapoo E6700 Bluetooth Touchpad Keyboard.

The Rapoo E6700 Bluetooth Touchpad Keyboard comes with a slim design at just 4.3mm at its thinnest point. Despite its size, it provides users with full-sized keys for added typing comfort. In addition, this wireless keyboard also comes with a Smart Touch Area on the side that acts as a touchpad. With it, you no longer need to use a separate mouse. The scratch-resistant glass surface of the touchpad makes it convenient and easy to clean. Users can also program up to 15 gestures on the touchpad for smoother navigation. It also comes with a lithium ion rechargeable battery that can go for two weeks on a single charge. The aluminum allows housing adds some elegance into this slim and wireless keyboard. The Rapoo E6700 Bluetooth Touchpad Keyboard is now available at selected retailers for $60.

Image Source: Max Borges Agency

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