RAmos T6 Portable Media Player

RAmos T6 Portable Media Player from China

More often than not, electronic products of China are clones of other popular devices available in the United States and Europe.  RAmos does not make those kinds of crap in their portable media players.

The Chinese PMP maker has released its latest baby:  the RAmos T6.  Packed with a 4.3-inch LCD screen with 800 x 480 resolution in just ten millimeters of thickness, this HD-capable media player also has an output for HDMI and not a single button on its interface.  However, the functions are not all touch screen, as there are rockers around the edges to control your volume level and track selection.  Nevertheless, the RAmos T6 gains some brownie points for its clean and sleek look.

If you want to buy it though, you really have to head to China.

Image source:  RAmos

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