Rambler Socket Extends the AC Outlet

Rambler Socket extension cord

This would probably go down in the "why didn’t they think of this 10 or so years ago" road.  Designer Meysam Movahedi introduced this concept called the Rambler Socket at Yanko Design.  It is basically an extension cord disguised as your usual AC outlet.  If you need an extra length of cord for… let’s say your hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, or treadmill, simply pinch the sides, tug the socket, and out comes the 1.5-meter extension cord.  Once you are done, give it a gentle tug and its spring mechanism would wind the cord-and the socket-back to the wall.  The Rambler Socket also works as a wall outlet, eliminating the need for separate extension cords that may tangle or even malfunction.

It may not be available yet for mass production, but we hope some powers-that-be would take notice of this product.

Image source:  Yanko Design

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