Raine One Electric Scooter

People have many options available when going around nowadays. There is a car, but sometimes traffic can get in the way. Instead of getting to a place faster, the traffic can even delay the trip. That is why there are also options available like what the new Raine One Electric Scooter offers.

Electric Scooter For City Commute

The Raine One Electric Scooter offers people a city commute without worrying about the traffic. It is a possible solution to that last mile in everyone’s day-to-day trips. Although there are a number of electric scooters now available in the market, Raine One aims to make it the smoothest and the safest ride you can have on two wheels.

The Raine One Electric Scooter is fast, able to go at a top speed of 50kmh or 31mph. It uses a brushless flux drive motor that is highly efficient and can take riders farther and faster. It has a distance travel range of around 40 kilometers or 25 miles for a full charge. That is more than enough for daily commuting in a city with bad traffic. The built-in batteries of the scooter charge for less than two hours to get 20 kilometers or 12.5 miles out of the scooter.

In order to make the travel smooth, the Raine One Electric Scooter features high grip, soft airless tires. It also comes with poly-shock suspension to take care of the usual bumps and rough roads. It is lightweight and durable, using aircraft-grade materials for safety.

The Raine One Electric Scooter is a smart transport option. It comes equipped with a 5.1-inch display near the handlebar that provides riders with all the essential data they need. It also has a built-in GPS to guide riders to their destination. Personalized lighting also ensures your safety and visibility when you are on the road at night.

All those features are fixed into the Raine One Electric Scooter. Even storage won’t be a problem since it can easily be folded and light enough to be carried when not in use. This electric scooter is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter for an early bird price of $979. It is expected to be available sometime in May of next year.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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