Rain Catcher for Instant Bottled Water

With water becoming the new gold, as scary news about its scarcity looms, it is better to prepare for the inevitable when people would scramble for alternative sources of tap water such as the rain.

Petal Drops is a unique flower-shaped funnel that fits right in used plastic bottles and aims to collect rain water and even dew. It provides households with a chance of capturing natural water from the sky and reuse it for watering plants (or even drink it after boiling, if you are brave enough).

The funnel, which was designed and developed in less than 24 hours, is proudly made in the United States using corn, tapioca, wheat, and potato based polypropylene bio-resin.

The Petal Drops from Quirky is now available for only US$5.25.

Source: Wired, via CrunchGear

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