RageGage Smash Pad

Everyone always go through bouts of rage and anger at one time or another. It is always hard to just bottle it up and keep it inside all of the time. There are many times that you would want some sort of release to ease up. The RageGage Smash Pad may be the high tech alternative to venting your rage when you need to.

The RageGage Smash Pad is simply an item that you can vent your anger into by trying to smash it with your hands whenever you feel like it. It was designed to take such abuse so that you can just have something to vent your anger and feel good about yourself. It is also an electronic device that senses whether you are releasing some of that pent up rage inside you. If not, the RageGage will taunt you with audio cues until you do vent your rage. But if it senses that you might be venting too much, it also sends out audio cues to make you relax a bit. Quite an interesting device, the RageGage Smash Pad is available at the RageGage site in a variety of designs for US$20.

Image Source: RageGage

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