Radiopaq Rp5 Digital Internet Radio

radiopaq rp5 digital internet radio

Radiopaq has given radio a new face in the era of digital technology. It has done so through the Radiopaq Rp5. This audio-gizmo allows any user to listen to Internet radio or podcasts via its website

The Radiopaq Rp5 has a Wi-Fi connectivity that allows the user to connect to websites. So there is no need for anyone to sit beside their computers just have a great, relaxing dose of music. For users, it is like having a search egine turned into an exceptional digital portable hardware device.

Whether you are looking for the artist’s name, country, language or genre of the music, this gadget has a capability that allows you to search for any of it. Plus you can also mark any song into your favorites list. Since it is synchronized with, any alteration you make appears on the Radiopaq Rp5.

However, the best thing about this is the sound quality. Having a DAB capability, it offers a wide range of local stations to choose from and has great reception. You can also connect your mp3 player to this gadget to play your favorite tracks.

So whether you choose FM, DAB or Internet radio, it can offer any of these to you. The Radiopaq Rp5 has a five-way speaker system with both digital and analogue processors ensure sound quality and better transmission.

Radiopaq Rp5 comes with a headphone socket and, surprisingly, a remote control. It is available for $468.

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