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The reality of the increasing number of speeding tickets points to a problem that will mostly look at the problem in a very negative way. Thanks to radar detectors, you will be able to avoid those pesky speeding tickets. Here we look at the top five companies or manufacturers that make radar detectors.


URL: www.beltronics.com

Company profile: Beltronics is one of the most popular manufacturers of radar detectors. It is a dedicated company that manufactures radar detectors.

Phone Numbers: 513-870-8535. You can call anytime 8am-5pm M-F

Street Address: Its primary street address in the United States is “Beltronics USA, 5442 West Chester Road, West Chester, Ohio 45069-2950” while it also holds office in Europe where it runs offices in Target Automotive B.V. Zuidergracht 21 3763 LS Soest Holland.


URL: www.cobra.com

Company profile: The Cobra Electronics Corporation is one of the foremost global manufacturers of navigation and communication products. It has had an excellent past of keeping track records by its unique and award-winning products. It has also expanded its market to include GPS, mobile navigation as well as the marine markets.

Phone Number: 1-773-889-3087 or 1-773-889-8870 for Customer service.

Street Address: Cobra Electronics Corporation, 6500 West Cortland Street, Chicago, IL 60707


URL: www.escortradar.com

Company profile: Escort is a technological company specializing in radar and laser detector technology. Its revolutionary innovation of TrueLock, which prevents false alerts, has become a very popular feature of their radar detectors.

Phone Number: 800-433-3487 for Sales and 800-543-1608 for Customer Service

Street Address: Escort Inc. 5440 West Chester Road West Chester, Ohio 45069-2950


URL: www.pnicorp.com

Company profile: PNI Corporation is the pioneer when it comes to the design, development, and application of sensor technology. It has currently released its new Sensoro line of radar detectors. The company’s proprietary Magneto-Inductive magnetic sensor technology is the foundation of all of its products.

Phone Number: (707) 566-2260, Fax: (707) 566-2261

Street Address: PNI Corporation 133 Aviation Blvd, Suite 101 Santa Rosa, CA 95403


URL: www.whistlergroup.com

Company profile: The company is one of the makers and distributors of laser detectors as well as other laser-dependent driving products such as radar detectors for motorcycles.

Phone Number: Bob Thompson (Fax) 941 505 1617 for orders and payments, Jeff Thompson, Sales Manager (Fax) 941 505 1617

Street Address: The Whistler Group Customer Returns Center 551 North 13th St Rogers, AR 72756



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