R/C Mini-Car

The problem with some gadgets is that you buy them and a few years (or worse, a few months) later it becomes so old because newer technologies or versions of the gadget are introduced. Remember when pagers were all the rage? That was a cool gadget because you receive messages from other people, but when cellular phones integrated text messaging technology into their units, pagers became a thing of the past.

But not all gadgets fade to oblivion that fast, as there are some that are able to withstand the test of time and was actually able to flourish. One of such gadgets is this remote-controlled mini car. It has been around for several years, but it is still available in stores and online despite introduction of newer and better R/C cars. What makes it stay? It is most probably because of its appeal. How can you go wrong with a tiny car stored inside a ball? Kids love it, and so are teens and adults.

Each car measures 35 x 25 x 20 millimeters (excluding the antenna), weighs as much as 30 grams, and fitted inside your choice of sport-themed balls from basketball to tennis. These balls also act as your control panel. Install four AAA cell batteries on the base, place the car over your control panel for about 30 seconds to charge up, and you are manipulate your tiny car around for up to five minutes. The car can be controlled up to 15 feet, long enough for racing with a friend or some neat tricks. These tiny remote-controlled cars also come with a lanyard so you can carry the toy around your neck without the worry of losing it.

You can order your very own remote-control mini car for a neat price of US$13.

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