Quirky Perch Portable Wireless Speaker

It is still a big factor for devices to not only provide great features but also look great in order to sell. As a matter of fact, stylish design can even be that deciding factor for people in terms of buying gadgets, be it the device itself or an accompanying accessory. For the new Quirky Perch Portable Wireless Speaker, it certainly does not lack in the looks department.

The Quirky Perch is a wireless speaker system designed for use with mobile media players. This stylish portable speaker that both runs on AC as well as on its own rechargeable battery. It can wirelessly connect to mobile devices via Bluetooth for music playback. An integrated mic is also available for making conference and video calls.

The Perch also can be used as a docking station for charging media and mobile devices. The dock includes a built-in digital clock as well as an alarm function. It can work with iPhones, Blackberries, Android smartphones as well as other multimedia devices with a range of standard USB power connectors included. The Quirky Perch is currently available for pre-sale at Quirky for US$180.

Image Source: Quirky

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