Quicktionary TS Premium

There are times when you find yourself reading something from a book or newspaper a group of text from another language that you might need translated. And sometimes you just don’t have that handy translator book or your laptop handy to check it out. In such cases, you might find the new Quicktionary TS Premium quite handy indeed.

The Quicktionary TS Premium is a hand-held multi-function device that acts both as a pocket translator and a text scanner. The Quicktionary TS Premium can scan a word or a full line of text and be able to provide you with a word-for-word translation. It can also translate idioms and phrases as well as provide users with an audio pronunciation of a full line of text.

The Quicktionary TS Premium looks and is just as big as an ordinary pen. And yet, it has the ability to scan, store and transfer up to 20,000 lines of editable text aside from providing the translations for them. It supports over 45 different language dictionaries, making it quite handy for language students, researchers, business people as well as frequent travelers. The Quicktionary TS Premium is available at Wizcom Technologies for 211 Euros or around US$299.

Image Source: Wizcom Technologies

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