Quick Top Can Cap Sealer

quick top can cap

If you’re used to drinking from a bottle rather than a can, then the Quick Top Can Cap is perfect for you. Attaching the cap to the top of a canned beverage makes it look more like a bottled drink. You can now drink from it and have the feel of a bottle’s spout. What makes it more convenient is that it keeps drinks fresh and maintains the fizz, especially in carbonated drinks. You’ll never have to worry about finishing up your drink immediately.

Drinks in cans are usually more prone to spillage especially when opening it. Now with this clever device, you can now prevent wasting your drinks as it makes opening much more convenient. Fitting most standard canned drinks, the screw top bottle cap is leakproof. Once the ring pull is removed, simply clip the quicktop on and your drink is secured from getting spilled. You can also keep unwanted flies and insects from getting inside your beverage.

With the airtight enclosure that the Quick Top Can Cap recreates, your soda remains fresh for days that you can still taste its fizz. In addition, the cap doubles as a handy cup, making it perfect for traveling and camping trips. The inside grills also allow the use of straws for sipping your drink. Besides the reusable and dishwasher-safe can cap encourages buying canned drinks instead of the bottled ones, as cans are cheaper and generally easier to recycle than plastic bottles. The Quick Top Can Cap is priced at $7 a piece.

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