Queen Elizabeth II’s Christmas Message Reportedly in 3D

Reports from the British press claim that Queen Elizabeth has recorded the annual Christmas Message in 3D, the first of its kind. Of course, we would need 3D glasses (as well as 3D TV or a “3D box,” if this is not uploaded on YouTube) to fully enjoy the message unless getting nauseous is fine by you.

According to The Independent, the annual address will not mention any news about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge expecting their first baby next year. The message will focus on the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics instead.

It is interesting to note that Her Majesty is the first (and currently the only) member of the British Royal Family to embrace the video format, her first 3D footage was taken during her coronation in 1953. However, the footage wasn’t discovered and processed until recently.

This year’s Christmas Message was produced and recorded by BSkyB, who will provide the final product to rivals BBC and ITV as well.

Source: The Independent, via Engadget

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