Quadsaw For Making That Square Hole

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square hole sawDoing home projects yourself can be quite fulfilling. But before you start off on a project, you need to prepare your tools first. An experienced DIY’er usually collects a wide selection of tools to do just about any task. For the avid tool collector, having something new to add can also be exciting. This new Quadsaw tool can be an interesting addition.

The Quadsaw is a new and unique tool that is actually an accessory to your trusty drill. While your drill alone can make you a round hole anytime, the Quadsaw can do a time-consuming task quicker- making a square hole on walls. It can create square holes for you in just as little as 30 seconds.

Making a square hole usually takes quite a long time when you only have a hand saw or the help of a drill. Even then, the square hole you end up with may not be neatly done. If you ever tried to make one on walls, then you can very well relate. But with the help of the Quadsaw, such worries with square holes go right down the drain.

The Quadsaw can be attached to a regular hand drill and features a surface with special saw blades that are at right angles of each other to form a square or a rectangle.  The patented Quad Blade technology allows for cutting square holes cleanly through walls of plaster boards in seconds. It cuts with precision and with minimal mess. It is great for creating wall fixtures as well as adding wall switches. The Quadsaw can be an interesting addition to your collection of tools. It is currently  available for pre-order for around 200 UK Pounds or around US$250. It is expected to be available sometime early next year.

Image Source: Quadsaw

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