Qooq Recipe and Cooking Tablet

Qooq Recipe and Cooking Tablet PC

Have the passion for cooking and gadgets at the same time?  You can actually combine the two as seen in this 10.2-inch Qooq tablet PC.  Similar to the upcoming Media Chef, It features 500 preloaded recipes complete with meal preparation videos, cooking instructions, and sound advice on choosing the freshest ingredients.

Users can also create their shopping list and meal planner by connecting to the Internet over Ethernet or WiFi and subscribe to its monthly updates so you can assure your family will always eat new kinds of dishes.

Physical specs include a glass touch screen display, USB and SD ports.  It may not come with a browser, but it has built-in weather station, digital photo viewer, and Internet radio portals. 

The Qooq is currently available for French speakers, costing 349 euros (about US$513) along with a subscription service of 12.95 euros per month (about $19).

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