QOOQ Cuisine Tablet Coming to United States

Since its introduction in 2009, France has been agog about a cuisine-focused tablet called QOOQ. (You can call it by its formal name, “la tablette QOOQ.”)

Fast forward to 2012 and QOOQ’s company UNOWHY plans to take the tabletop-shaped tablet to the land of Fried Oreos and Deep Fried Butter. The company is preparing to translate all the French content, cooking techniques, and menu in this 10.1-inch QOOQ to English.

The $399 QOOQ packs a 1GHz dual-core processor, a custom OS over the Linux kernel, splash-proof design, and over 1,000 pre-installed recipes. And like the original version, this device comes with an optional subscription package with additional interactive content and updates, starting at $9.90 per month or $99 a year.

Sure, we’ve heard of cookbooks that cost as much as $600, so you can say that the QOOQ is a sound investment. If you do not have spare money, just download a cooking app instead. Works just as great.

Source: Slashgear, via Engadget

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