QMote, The Water-Resistant Smartphone Remote

QMotePeople nowadays consider their smartphone as an indispensible device. They can no longer leave home without it, to borrow that popular adage from a credit card ad of years past. The smartphone has become somewhat of an extension of its owner. Aside from a communication device, it also becomes a treasure trove of memories, from photos, messages to music. People use it as a convenient tool for doing just about anything nowadays. Everyone can understand nowadays why people cannot part away with their smartphones even for just a second. But unfortunately, there are certain instances when people do have to, even if it is just a few meters away. Some would like to have that convenience of still maintaining certain control over their smartphones even when it is not within arm’s reach. This is where the QMote can come in.

The QMote is a water resistant remote designed for smartphones. This small, single-button remote can provide users with control over their smartphones via predefined click patterns. People can control the music player, take photos, record video or audio, make a fake call or even locate the smartphone using the QMote. There are many other functions of the smartphone that users can set up using the QMote for some added convenience. Housed in an elegant brushed aluminum case, the QMote is quite handy and easy to use. A QMote app allows users to configure the smartphone functions they want to control with different QMote clicks. The QMote is currently undergoing a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter where interested users may be able to get one for $15. Estimated availability is expected to be sometime in May of this year.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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