Puzzle Pod Cryptex

Puzzle Pod CryptexSometimes, people need to be challenged in order to know what they are capable of doing. All they need is the proper motivation to do something. For some, that motivation is a reward of some sort. Nothing is better in pushing people to do something than having that reward right within their grasp. This is what the Puzzle Pod Cryptex can do if you wish to challenge friends or family members.

The Puzzle Pod Cryptex is a unique storage container ideal for putting gifts or even money inside. It comes in a form of a cryptex where you need to guess the 5-letter code word to open it up. You can set up the code in any personalized combination you want then place your gift inside and send it to the intended recipient. They need to solve the puzzle code first before they can get their hands on the gift. Place wads of money inside and your friends and family members will start right away trying to guess the code key to open the Puzzle Pod Cryptex.

If you wish to make gift giving a more unique and interesting experience, then using the Puzzle Pod Cryptex can be a great idea. This device also doubles as a coin back as well. The Puzzle Pod Cryptex can also be used for office games where office employees try their code-breaking skills to guess the mystery code in order to open and get the reward stored inside. You can provide clues in different ways to make the game all the more exciting. Figuring out the solution can sometimes take several exciting days, the solving period of which is entirely up to you. The Puzzle Pod Cryptex is available at Amazon for $30.

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