Purifan Indoor Air Purifier

Getting clean air to breath seems to be becoming more of a luxury. With air pollution becoming more rampant, even getting clean air indoors seems to have become a problem. It is a good thing that there are devices such as the Purifan Indoor Air Purifier to help keep the air cleaner indoors.

The Purifan is a unique type of air purifier that is designed for use with most 52 to 60-inch ceiling fans with 4 to five fan blades. It can be attached from the ceiling fan in any indoor space. It looks similar to a ceiling fan but with the fan blades enclosed. It makes use of a filtering system that helps purify and clean around 2,000 cubic feet of air per minute. It can be quite useful in indoor areas that require having clean air. The Purifan unfortunately does not come cheap as it costs around US$400 for the fan alone. There are also filters to consider which come in two types- a filter for normal which costs US$42.50 and a filter for heavier use which costs US$52.50. The Purifan is available at their website for you to check out.

Image Source: Purifan

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