PureGear Amazing Case For iPhone 6

Amazing CaseSmartphone cases primarily protect the smartphone it houses within from the harsh elements. It also helps protect the phone from unwanted scratches. Some cases even boost battery power by having a separate built-in battery pack. These are now common features in many smartphone cases you find in the market. It also helps the companies that make them to get added attention by adding other unique, even quirky features. In the case of PureGear’s new Amazing Case for the iPhone 6, its feature is a built-in game.

The PureGear Amazing Case is a protective case for the iPhone 6 first and foremost. But what makes this case unique and appealing it the built-in maze puzzle that comes with it. Yes, the Amazing Case is designed with a complex labyrinth at the back of the case where users can maneuver a ball to get it from one end to the next.

The PureGear Amazing Case for the iPhone 6 takes a simple classic idea for a game and seamlessly adds it to a common smartphone accessory to make a very appealing and interesting concept. The maze game itself is not entirely new. But putting it as part of an iPhone casing makes it a novel and fun idea. iPhone 6 users can now have a way to play a game on their smartphone even when the batteries are on empty. People can still have a use for an iPhone 6, even when it becomes a brick. The PureGear Amazing Case for the iPhone 6 is available at the PureGear site for $35.

Image Source: Max Borges Agency

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