Pure Twilight Dawn Simulator Lamp Radio

Getting to sleep at night and waking up in the morning are probably a given for most people. Too bad that m any may have problems doing each one at one time or the other. For those who might have problems getting to sleep at night or waking up in the morning, the new Pure Twilight simulator lamp and digital radio might help.

The Pure Twilight is essentially a digital radio and a dawn simulator light in one device. It makes best use of light therapy to help users calm down and relax during sleep time. Mix it up with some relaxing music and it will be hard not to get sleepy in such a soothing atmosphere.

By the time users need to wake up, the Pure Twilight can be set to turn on to a simple tone, digital radio, to an FM station or to sounds like church bells or a rooster call. The alarm can come with a simulation of a rising sun with the lamp of the device gradually increasing in brightness level. Pure Twilight is currently available in the UK and costs around 130 UK Pounds.

Image Source: Pure

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