Punkt ES 01 Extension Socket

The problem with having many of those popular electronic devices today is that you also have to deal with the other gadgets that they come with. These gadgets have those chargers that uses always have to deal with. Organizing them has always been a big challenge. This new Punkt ES 01 Extension Socket will help organize them with style.

The Punkt ES 01 Extension Socket is a simple and yet stylish way to organize all those device charger cables that always seem to get messed up. It comes with five available sockets that can conveniently plug in those numerous chargers that you have for your many portable devices. It also comes with a removable lid to help hide all those plugs and power cables. A C clip helps keep all those power cables together.

The Punkt ES 01 also comes with its own power button for instant on and off feature for the extension socket. It also comes with a resettable fuse that can immediately cut the circuit in an event of a power overload, keeping the connected devices safe. Its 3 meter fabric power cord gives it enough length to cover most distances from the power outlet to any part of the room. The Punkt ES 01 is not yet available for purchase or its pricing details announced. But surely, those people with multiple portable devices would surely welcome having one at home.

Image Source: Punkt

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