Puma Glow Rider

puma glow rider

Puma has introduced the third installment of its bike series – the Puma Glow Rider. This latest addition has the classic Puma characteristics of functionality and fun. It is very different from other sports bikes because of its frame that glows in the dark. Remember those glow-in-the-dark stars and planets on the ceiling of your bedroom when you were still a kid?

The paint used on the bike’s steel frame saves the sunrays during daytime, and emits a night glow when darkness falls. This is a colorful glow (green and orange), which lasts for a number of hours. With a unique outer appearance and better visibility by night, Puma Glow Rider’s unconventional glowing bike frame lets urban commuters to express their own style while feeling safe at the same time.

The bike also features chunky tires and a smart semi-folding mechanism that is quick and easy to do, making Puma Glow Rider an ideal travel companion.

Its twin-disc brakes also provide you with the ultimate breaking power What’s more, the bike is virtually thief-proof as it’s equipped with an integrated wire lock system. The bike will auto-destruct if someone rode it without the lock system or stole it. Puma Glow Rider also comes with a courier bag, water and wind resistant jacket, and a tee.

Image Source: Puma

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