Pulsepak Emergency Charger

Pulsepak Emergency ChargerPeople who several portable devices will always welcome having some backup power handy for their gadgets in case of emergencies. But having another bulky powerbank to bring along may not always be the best idea. Some people would just want to have a lighter and more convenient solution to serve them during emergencies. The Pulsepak Emergency Charger may be just that very solution some people need.

The Pulsepak Emergency Charger is a handy emergency battery that you can use to recharge your portable gadgets. It is small enough to attach to your keychain. Despite its size, it comes with an internal battery that can provide your smartphone up to two hours worth of calls. That is often more than enough to keep you functioning until you can find a way to recharge your device. Having the Pulsepak Emergency Charger gives you that option to have some backup power when you absolutely need it. It is compatible with devices that use a micro-USB device and lightning connector. The Pulsepak Emergency Charger is available at Firebox for 13 UK Pounds or around $20.

Image Source: Firebox

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