Pulse Smartpen

Pulse Smartpen

For all the purposes that it may be used for, whether it be for reading, writing, speaking, or listening, the Pulse Smartpen is almost indispensable.

The Pulse Smartpen comes with an ARM 9 processor and a high speed infrared camera with a Dot Positioning System (DPS) that works with the Dot Paper Notebook, the micro dots printed on the paper tell the Plus Smartpen where a user is writing or taping. The Paper Replay Notebook cost around the same price as a regular notebook. Additionally, users can print their own dot paper for free on their personal printers.

With regards to its audio performance, the Pulse Smartpen has a feature which enables it to record exactly what it picks up from the embedded earphone that it sports.

The Pulse Smartpen comes in two versions: the 1GB model with 100 hours of audio storage and 16000 pages of digital notes, priced at $149, the 2GB model doubles the storage and cost $199.

On one hand, the great thing about this pen is that you wouldn’t have to carry a laptop with you anymore because the functions of the Pulse Smartpen will suffice your reading, writing, speaking, or listening needs. But then again, it doesn’t have the colorful innovations that you can play around with, not the way you can experiment with laptops. Also, this pen might encourage cheating during examinations.


Image Source:  Samsung.com

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