PUFFERS Inflatable T-Shirt And Rash Guard

Having fun in the water comes with risks. Whether you are out surfing,  paddleboarding, or engaging on any other type of water sports, you need to know how to float. Having a flotation device therefore, is a must. Instead of wearing the usual life jacket which can sometimes restrict your movement, you can consider using this new PUFFERS Inflatable T-Shirt and Rash Guard. 

When you need a means of flotation that allows you a wider range of movement, the PUFFERS Inflatable T-Shirt and Rash Guard is something worth wearing. It is a wearable flotation device that features a four-layer chamber design. It can keep you afloat even if you are not swimming. This inflatable shirt is also easy to inflate even when being worn. There is a built-in hand pump wearers can use for inflating the chambers. A mouthpiece for manual inflation is also available as an alternative. 

The PUFFERS Inflatable T-Shirt and Rash Guard has the air chambers ergonomically designed. They never impede your movement as what some life jackets do. The material for this wearable inflatable rash guard provides UPF50 protection. Wearing it will not get you sunburned while you are out there in the open water. It features fast-drying Lycra so the shirt is breathable and provides comfort even as an all-day wear. The PUFFERS Inflatable T-Shirt and Rash Guard is now available for pre-order at Kickstarter for $112. It comes with a waterproof bag where you can also store all your other belonging when you are out on a water adventure. It is expected to be available sometime in January of next year. 

Image Source: Kickstarter   

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