PSP Go Leaked

Engadget recently revealed leaked photos-and videos to boot-of Sony’s latest edition of its handheld console called PSP Go about a week from its major launch at E3.  At the surface, the PSP Go has a sliding controller that has the directional and action buttons placed closer to each other compared to its predecessor.  It still bears it single slide joystick right at the central part of the controller.

But apart from having a larger display, a lighter weight, and 16GB of flash storage, what has gotten PSP fans into frenzy is that Sony eliminates the need of putting UMDs at the back of the plane.  Instead, all games would have downloading options; and expect tons of games and applications bombard PSP’s online store, much like an iPhone App Store.

Sony representatives promise that the PSP Go will also have access to the PlayStation Network, where you not only get to download new games, but also movies and TV series episodes.  But in the meantime, I just wish Sony would be able to refocus and change their minds a bit about PSP Go’s design.  To be honest, it does not look pretty.

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