PS3 XCM Dominator Joystick

If you are that fellow who likes to play fighting games in your PS with the use of joysticks, then this may be your lucky day. This also comes most particularly for PS3 users.

The new PS3 XCM Dominator is one cool gizmo that has a joystick with at least ten buttons. This arcade type of gadget provides efficiency for those who are having difficulty in executing gaming moves. Totally, this is not your average type of gadget, we say.

What makes this even cooler is its features. The XCM Dominator has an Independent Rapid Fire and a Combo Attacker buttons. The thing that we like about the former is the fact that you only have to press it once. The coolest way to blast your enemy into smithereens.

Additionally, it lessens any finger twisting movements as the buttons are arranged in neat uniformity. This gadget fits in PS3 consoles and this may be the secret for you to become the ultimate gamer.

Since this may arrive soon at markets and online sites, there is still no word of its price.

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