The Prynt Prints Your Smartphone Photos On The Go

Prynt CasePeople nowadays use smartphones to capture memorable moments into photos. This makes it easier to share with other people online. But there are some who would love to have physical copies of photos instead of just the digital copies one may send online. This is where the options for printing smartphone photos may be limited. But there are devices like the new Prynt case.

The Prynt case is a unique device that will allow users to get instant copies of their smartphone photos. In a way, it transforms your smartphone into a Polaroid instant camera, able to print out pictures the moment you take the photos. Users only need to plug in their smartphone into the Prynt case. The case itself has a button that users press to capture images from their smartphone. It is then as simple as swiping on the phone’s touchscreen to print out the pictures.

The Prynt case uses thermal technology in order to print clear photos from your smartphone. Users only need to plug in their smartphone into the Prynt case and it is ready to use. There is no need of Bluetooth pairing or WiFi connection to use the device. Just plug in your smartphone to the case and it will take care of the rest. While it is designed for its portability, it is rather bulky and a bit big to put into one’s pocket. But as a mobile accessory for people who like to print out their smartphone photos, the Prynt case is a joy to have around. The Prynt case is designed for both iOS and Android smartphones. A Kickstarter campaign for the device is currently on the works. Pricing details are yet to be announced as well.

Image Source: Prynt Cases

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