Prospero the Farming Robot

Humans never stop at developing stuff that would make life easier for them. We have seen the most innovative inventions and even the craziest novelty items. And in this post, we see what could be the future of farming.

Meet Prospero, a seed-planting robot. It has a Parallax Propeller chip mounted on a Schmart Board, enabling it to navigate in any direction and avoid getting bumped into obstructions. The robot has five legs to move around the fields and a sensor underneath that senses where seeds have been deployed.

If it does find a spot that needs planting, Prospero would dig a hole, drop the seed, cover the hole with soil, and spray the ground with white paint marking that the planting process is a success.

The robot’s belly can dispense fertilizers and herbicides. It can even communicate with other Prosperos in the field for a more efficient farming.

The developer, Trossen Robotics, has yet to announce whether Prospero would be mass-produced.

Source: PC World, via Engadget

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