Pronto And Peel Makes A Universal Remote Out Of Your iPhone

Pronto and PeelUniversal remote controls are not that entirely new. It has been around for a long time. With the ability to control different TV brands as well as other devices such as video and audio players, you might think that universal remotes will become that popular. But it actually hasn’t. Despite the convenience, universal remotes are not always considered a must have for every home. But a new device called the Pronto and Peel will like to change all that by making your iPhone the universal remote.

Pronto and Peel is a device and app combo that will turn your iPhone into your personal universal remote. You can now control your home entertainment system by pairing your iPhone with the palm-sized Pronto device via Bluetooth Smart. You can have a reliable connection that will allow you to control TV and other home entertainment appliances using your iPhone. You no longer have to fish out the remote control wherever you last put it to turn on and watch your favorite TV shows or movies. You always have your smartphone with you in your pocket.

Not only that, the Peel Smart app also offers additional features to your iPhone unlike any other universal remote control out there. This app offers users access to cable TV guides right from their smartphone. Users can check out what times their favorite shows are on and the app can help remind them to catch up shows just in time. The app also provides information on what shows are currently showing, what to watch later and what shows are popular among general viewers. The Peel app also learns your favorites and often watched shows the more you use it. It will then provide you with recommendations based on your viewing habits and interests. The Pronto and Peel device is set for launch at CES 2015 in Las Vegas.

Image Source: Max Borges Agency

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