Prometheus Power Pot 10

Prometheus PowerPot 10People use smartphones, tablets and other portable devices on a daily basis. Such devices have become an extension of oneself so much so that one cannot function without them. Try leaving your smartphone home when trying to go out to work. You will realize that you will not always be totally comfortable without one throughout the day. The same thing goes when you have drained the power out of your portable device. You usually have the need to recharge it in one way or another. There are now many ways you can recharge your device wherever you go. If in case you wish to camp outdoors and need a means to recharge your gadgets at camp, the Prometheus PowerPot 10 can be quite handy.

The Prometheus PowerPot 10 is a pot you can use to heat water or cook food when you go camping in the woods. But it comes with a twist. This pot also comes with a thermoelectric generator that produces power out of the heat coming from your campfire. This device converts heat into power that you can use to recharge your gadgets via USB.

The Prometheus PowerPot 10 comes with two 1A USB ports to recharge two devices at the same time. Just connect your device to the pot via the end of its flame-resistant cord. While you heat up water or cook your food, you can also recharge your gadgets at the same time. The 1.4-liter pot is made out of anodized aluminum for strength and lightness. It weighs only 575 grams, making it easy to bring along with your other camping gear. The pot also comes with a real-time power meter to ensure optimal charging. The Prometheus PowerPot 10 is available at ThinkGeek for $150.

Image Source: Think Geek

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