Professional Gamers are “Practically Dead,” Study Says

A study from the University of Essex in England has state that while professional video game players have agile minds, they are physically comparable to a 60-year-old chain smoker.

Dr. Dominic Micklewright, the author of the study, pointed out that while some gamers appear to be slim and healthy, their lung function and aerobic fitness are similar to those of a heavy smoker. He blamed the long hours of gaming sessions done by most professional gamers and recommended for them to pursue a more active lifestyle to decrease the risk of heart disease.

The study also confirms the mental agility of gamers. “Their reaction time, motor skill, competitiveness, and emotion were pretty close,” according to Micklewright in an interview with the Telegraph. “Elite athletes have unusually high levels of positive feelings and low levels of negative feelings such as depression and fatigue.”

Source: Telegraph, via Gearlog and PC Mag

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