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corn kernel remover

corn kernel removerIf you love corn and you like to create different recipes for it aside from straight up eating it, then you know the challenges of separating the kernels from the cob. You can do it manually but it can take time. Sure, you can always have the canned versions on standby. But there is no better way than using the corn kernels coming straight from the cob. If you like to do so, then the Pro Tronic Corn Kitchen Tool may be something that you would find useful.
The Pro Tronic Corn Kitchen Tool allows you to remove the kernels from the cob in a more efficient manner. This circular tool fits into a regular-sized corn cob. Once put in place starting from the narrow end, this tool can remove the corn kernels from the cob in one quick motion downwards. All the removed kernels are then conveniently collected in a neat holder so there’s no mess to clean up.
The Pro Tronic Corn Kitchen Tool can remove the kernels from two corn cobs at a time. Users can simply empty the contents via the spout and into another container. The Pro Tronic Corn Kitchen Tool is convenient to use and clean as well as it is top rack dishwasher friendly. If you like to have this useful tool always on the ready in your kitchen, then you ca get one at Amazon for $9.
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