Primula Speak N' Brew Coffee Maker

Primula Speak n Brew Coffee Maker

A high-tech home needs high-tech gadgets. And what can be more appropriate than start using them on your own kitchen. One possible choice that you might want to check out would be the Speak n’ Brew coffee maker from Primula.

The Primula Speak n’ Brew coffee maker is being marketed as the world’s first talking coffee maker. How’s that for something ingenious? This special coffee maker is equipped with a speech recognition chip that helps it understand vocal inputs and commands. You can command your Speak n’ Brew coffee maker to set the time or to schedule or program brew time. It can brew about 10 cups of coffee at a time and would make a suitable addition to your kitchen, if you wish to go high tech with it. It is available at Primula for US$80.


Image Source: Primula


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