Predator VX360 Wearable Video Camera

Predator VX360 Strap-on Camera

You probably have seen crazy footages of skateboarders as they twist, turn, and go aerial from one gap to another.  And when in need to capture videos in the skateboarder’s perspective, there are the usual head-worn cameras that are operated by another person.

But technology makes things a teensy weensy easier.  Here is Predator VX360, a waterproof and wearable video camera system that caters to the extreme sportsmen.  It is engineered to withstand the abuse from the elements as skateboards flip on the halfpipe or while surfers try to catch the waves.  And unlike many head-worn cameras, the Predator VX360 is worn on a headband, not like a hat.  The "eyeball camera" also has a recording unit that is worn on the arm and has large ergonomic buttons and an integrated color LCD screen, making it easy-to-use.

The Predator VX360 is now available in the United Kingdom for an equivalent of US$892.

Image source:  Predator

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