PowerVision PowerRay Underwater Drone

fish finder droneDrones have become quite familiar and popular nowadays. These drones may have even elicited some controversy regarding their use and in trying to invade some people’s privacy. Only a few or so years ago that air drones were only considered as unique toys for the kids. But now, drones are equipped with cameras and advanced sensors that make them perform tricks as well as capture footages from high up above the sky, a privilege that was not afforded to common people. But inasmuch as they still remain popular, people will eventually consider them too common. They would be looking for other ways to explore. In this case the new PowerVision PowerRay underwater drone may be waiting in the wings for that.
The PowerVision PowerRay underwater drone is being marketed as a high tech fish finder for avid anglers. But it can do more than just that. It can take your exploration under water to a whole new level. This drone will comes with features such as way to control letting go of bait, built-in fish luring light, and a Fishfinder view mode. It can go to depths of up to 30 meters or 98 feet. And with its 12MP camera, it certainly can become your eye underwater. And because of that, it can also function more than just a fish finder.
The PowerVision PowerRay can also be used as a means to explore the beauty underneath the water without getting wet. Its camera can capture 4K UHD video footage and provide 1080p HD quality real time video streaming to your smartphone. It can also capture 12MP quality still images of the beauty down below while you stay in the safety confines above water. The PowerVision PowerRay may do on water what the air drones have done up above the skies. Just recently launched, the PowerVision PowerRay drone is set to be available for pre-order sometime in the last week of February. There is no word yet on its possible pricing. People can also see it on display at the current CES 2017 in Las Vegas.
Image Source: PowerVision

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