PowerUp FPV Paper Plane Drone

Flying drones have become quite common nowadays. Mostly, people will picture a hovering quadcopter whenever drones are mentioned. But there are also other options that can provide users with a unique kind of drone experience. The PowerUp FPV Paper Plane Drone provides users with a unique first-person flying experience.

The PowerUp FPV Paper Plane Drone is unlike most drones out there in that it uses a paper airplane for flight. It is actually a pair of plane motors with an attached camera that can stream wirelessly. Users will need to make a plane out of paper and attach the PowerUp FPV Paper Plane Drone in order for it to fly. It comes with Google Cardboard to make your smartphone¬† a head-mounted display for the drone. You will be able to get a first-person view of a plane in flight, just as if you are inside a plane cockpit. You can then control the plane’s movements by the intuitive movements of your head.

The PowerUp FPV Paper Plane Drone can fly for 10 minutes per full charge while also streaming video with a range of up to 300 feet distance. It also comes with auto pilot features that can be used during windy conditions. The motor module is made out of durable carbon fiber and plastic frame, ensuring that it will still be running in case of crashes. Users can also have the option of designing different planes as long as the PowerUp FPV Paper Plane Drone can be attached to it in order to fly. This unique flying drone is available at Amazon for $200.

Image Source: Amazon

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