PowerPot Thermoelectric Generator

Outdoor camping presents a number of challenges. For today’s gadget-savvy camper, power sources become a concern. With their multiple portable gadgets and devices that they just cannot leave without, some campers will require available power sources in case those device batteries run out. Back up batteries may provide a solution. But once they also run out, the power shortage problem remains. Nothing beats generating some much-needed power right from the campsite. This is possible while having the Powerpot Thermoelectric Generator along for that next camping experience.

The PowerPot Thermoelectric Generator is a unique solution to a camper’s need for added power where sources are scarce. It generates electricity from any heat source and can directly charge up any portable USB device. You just plug in your device to a flame-resistant cord connected into the pot. You can then use the pot for cooking or heating water over ay heat source. While the pot cooks, it also generates electricity, thanks to the thermoelectric device attached to it. It can charge your portable USB device just as fast as charging it from a standard power outlet. The PowerPot Thermoelectric Generator is handy for gadget lovers who also like going to an outdoor camping adventure now and then. The device will also prove useful during calamities and other emergencies where power needs become more crucial. The PowerPot Thermoelectric Generator is available at ThinkGeek for US$150.

Image Source: ThinkGeek

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