PowerMonkey Explorer Solar Charger

PowerMonkey Explorer Solar Charger

The PowerMonkey has revolutionized the way gadget-crazy people would charge their portable devices, but the manufacturer plans to take it a step further. The PowerMonkey Explorer lets you add up to 96 standby hours to your iPod, digital camera, PSP, PDA, media players, and most electronic devices wherever you are, even without the presence of a wall socket or a USB port.

But what makes PowerMonkey Explorer different is that it also comes with a solar slave, another portable charger that works anywhere there is sunlight. Now, not only you can plug your device on the PowerMonkey for a handy and portable power charging, you can also plug another device on the solar charger and let the power of the sun add power to your gadget.

You can even plug the solar charger to your PowerMonkey if the latter runs out of power or you can charge your PowerMonkey with any wall adapter or USB port, making it the most convenient charger in the market. No need for batteries or bulky chargers that take up too much space. The solar charger also provides your gadgets protection against short-circuit, overcharging, and over-discharging.

The PowerMonkey Explorer kit comes with a universal mains travel charger with interchangeable socket heads applicable to over 150 countries. It also includes USB connectors and adaptors that are compatible with most iPod models and accessories, MP3 players, PDAs, smart mobile phones, digital cameras, portable game consoles, BlackBerrys, Bluetooth headsets, and other digital devices.

The PowerMonkey Explorer is available in many online retailers for as low as US$30.

(Image source: LHDigital.co.hk)

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