PowerMonkey Charger for Emergency Use

PowerMonkey Charger

You are enjoying your iPod or any other portable media player outdoors when suddenly it runs out of battery power. You want to charge your gadget, but the problem is even if you have brought your charger, there are no available wall sockets or USB ports available.

Now there is a new way to charge your dead devices from iPods to PSPs. The PowerMonkey is an ultra-portable emergency charger that provides power on your portable gadgets even while on the go. Connect the PowerMonkey on a corresponding adaptor (as shown in the photo) and you can have as much as 96 standby hours on your mobile phone, 40 hours on iPod, six hours on your Sony PSP, two full charges on your PDA, and up to 1600 photos on your digital camera. It can even hold its own charge without leaking for a whole year.

You can bring your PowerMonkey anywhere where you need emergency charging: while trekking on the mountains, while on the beach, while having an outdoor photo shoot, the possibilities are virtually endless. Simply it into your bag, car, or desk and it would not take up too much space compared to other bulky chargers.

Even if your very own portable charger runs out of its own power, you can have your PowerMonkey recharged with a mains charger that works in over 150 countries and has interchangeable socket heads that adapt to UK, Australian, European, and Northern American settings.

The PowerMonkey is available in many online retailers for as low as US$29.99.

(Image source: ThinkGeek.com)

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