Powermat Portable Wireless Battery Charger

Powermat Wireless Charging Pad

Charging your portable gadgets become a hassle the more chargers that you have to deal with. This will make bringing along several chargers for your different gadgets quite a problem especially if you travel often. You can do away with the hassle by having a Powermat Wireless Battery Charging Pad.

The Powermat wireless battery charging pad allows you to charge your portable devices without having to bring along multiple separate chargers for them. The Powermat is a foldable battery charging pad that works on magnetic induction technology to charge up batteries of your gadgets by simply putting them on top of the charging pad. You no longer have to deal with outlet problems since the Powermat is able to charge four of your portable gadgets simultaneously, with three charged wirelessly while one through a wired USB connection. The Powermat portable charging pad is available at Amazon for US$100.

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