PowerMat – Charge Your Gadgets Anywhere

PowerMat portable charger

For those of you who own one-too-many gadgets, recharging can be a problem especially if 2 or more of your devices drop dead simultaneously. Fortunately a charging device that allows you to charge several of your devices all at once: introducing the PowerMat – a charging device that allows you to charge up to three gadgets at the same time.

To use the PowerMat, you simply attach the specific back cover created for a specific device such as your iPhone, Blackberry, Nintendo DS, etc. and you’re alls set. The PowerMat also has a portable version which can be folded easily so you can bring it anywhere you go. And, like original PowerMat, it is also compatible with a number of devices with PowerMat back covers or receivers.

However, if your gadgets do not have the PowerMat back cover, you can use a PowerCube which has several different tips or cord types that allow you to charge several different devices.

Image source: Infoniac

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