Power Plant Growing Machine

Power Plant Growing Machine

Growing plants in the city has become quite difficult nowadays with the lack of available space for a garden. Living in the city or in a condominium usually prevents one from putting that green thumb into practice. But if you still have that love for growing plants, technology may help make it possible for you.

If lack of space may be your problem in planting green in your home, then you may want to have something like the Power Plant Growing Machine at home. You can consider it as a high tech pot where you can plant and grow things. This high tech planting machine makes use of aeroponics to grow plants. It does not require soil at all to grow your plants.

What the Power Plant essentially does is spray the roots of plants with micro-jets of nutrient rich water to make them grow. It is the same technology pioneered by NASA to grow plants in outer space. You can now use the same technology by using the Power Plant Growing Machine is available at Firebox and is priced at US$57.

Image Source: Firebox

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